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Human Resource Consulting

As companies reorganize to gain competitive edge, human resources plays a key role in helping companies deal with a fast-changing competitive environment and the greater demand for quality employees. Research conducted by The Conference Board has found six key people-related activities that human resources completes to add value to a company:

  1. Effectively managing and utilizing people.

  2. Tying performance appraisal and compensation to competencies.

  3. Developing competencies that enhance individual and organizational performance.

  4. Increasing the innovation, creativity and flexibility necessary to enhance competitiveness.

  5. Applying new approaches to work process design, succession planning, career development and inter-organizational mobility.

  6. Managing the implementation and integration of technology through improved staffing, training and communication with employees.

Human Resource Solutions

Many small-to medium size businesses need the expertise of qualified and experienced HR professionals but cannot justify the overhead cost of running an in-house HR department. Outsourced HR services give companies a competitive advantage by providing all of the benefits of an HR department without draining precious resources.

Top five reasons for outsourcing HR:

  1. Focus: By outsourcing HR your company can focus all of its resources on its core competencies and where the resources are needed most - growing your business.

  2. Cost Savings: Running an effective HR department can be very costly. Companies often save money by outsourcing these services rather than having to pay for full-time staff.

  3. Efficiency: Outsourced HR firms have unique knowledge, experience and access that allow them to work more efficiently and cost-effectively than an in-house HR department. 

  4. Versatility: From onboarding to exit interviews and everything in between, HR Specialists do more than you may have thought!

  5. Flexibility:  At times, businesses need one-time only HR services (during a rapid expansion for example).  An outsourced HR department offers the flexibility of servicing one-time projects when needed without requiring a commitment for handling ongoing day-to-day HR activities.

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